The 921 Book Studio is the space I’ve chosen to publish my original writing. I envision an artist that loves to paint for pure pleasure. Anyone visiting their studio can enjoy the results of the artist’s imagination. This is my studio!

My goal for The 921 Book Studio is simple. Share my writing at no expense to my reader-friends. To be clear, you will not be asked to pay for any books you download from this website.

Creating a website rather than conventionally publishing allows me to accomplish my goal. Each book is in PDF form. The reader may adjust the font size and brightness for their individual satisfaction.

I’ll continue to update the Home page as I add publications. My first effort is “The Howard Street Chronicles”. Ten exciting short mysteries in four easy-to-read volumes. Please see About My Books for a brief description.

You may download and save the PDFs from Book Downloads. (Please see the Miscellaneous page for detailed downloading instructions.) This is not a lending library. The PDFs are yours to keep.

After you’re done reading (or at any time), please let me know your thoughts or questions on the Feedback page. Or, simply provide your name and email address so I may provide periodic updates. I promise not to fill your in-box. Please tell a friend if you enjoy the books.

Thank you!
Nat Rosenberg
P.S. About my brand…

All great brands invoke emotion and promise a consistent experience. I hope when you see The 921 Book Studio brand, it will represent consistently thoughtful, original quality.

The tiger and tigress represent bravery, romance, and mystery. Tigers stride gently like humble house cats. Do not be fooled. The hearts of proud, fierce, protectors lie just below the surface.

My Books

The Howard Street Chronicles (HSC) Volumes 1-4

Two murdered bodies were discovered buried in the drifts of the Big
Snow on Chicago’s Howard Street El platform. How did they get there?
This singular event in 1967 changed the life-trajectory of Marlowe
Phillips, Brian Maples, Chris Mathewson, and the Ross family tree.
Ultimately, their story ignites the entire saga of HSC.
I grew up in the Howard Street neighborhood bordering Evanston and
Chicago. HSC is 100% pure original fiction. Presently, ten short
stories are separated into four volumes (About 350 pages each).
It was hard for me to categorize these books as solely “Mystery”,
“Suspense”, or “Romance”. There are mysteries to be solved in each
story. Some are complex. Others are simple. The exact same can be
said of the romances. It’s important to read the books in order as each
builds on those that follow.

Marlowe Phillips will be your guide and voice of consciousness throughout HSC. She is a strong, opinionated, Pulitzer Prize-winning
international journalist. Marlowe speaks directly to you through her Preambles, Intermissions, and Postscripts adding emotional depth to
her reporting.

Book Downloads

The Howard Street Chronicles
Volume One

The Mystery Of The Big Snow
Murders (Chicago, 1967)

The Howard Street Chronicles
Volume Two

Marlowe’s Metamorphosis

The Howard Street Chronicles
Volume Three

Double Crossed!Double Crossed!

The Howard Street Chronicles
Volume Four

The Mystery Of The Savings
& Loan Murders

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